Land sale + 

land lease with right of repurchase

For buyers who want to buy real estate and get only a financial return from it, we offer:
1. Purchase only land (property), without sea buckthorn plantations, for the current market valuation amount.
2. Simultaneously with the purchase agreement, the Parties conclude a land lease agreement for the relevant property for 15 years with a very high rent. The property is rented in full, incl. also forest land, etc. the areas included in the property. Rent is paid semi-annually.
3. Simultaneously with the purchase agreement, the Parties conclude an agreement on the right to repurchase the relevant property, with which the Seller acquires the right to repurchase the property for the term of the lease agreement, and the Parties set the repurchase price in the amount of 10-15% above the price for which the Buyer buys the property from the Seller.
4. The Seller-Lessee can use the repurchase right even sooner - starting from 2028.
5. The land lease and repurchase agreement are registered in the land register. During the term of these agreements, the property cannot be expropriated or additionally encumbered without the written consent of the Seller-lessee.
6. LAD subsidy payments are received by the lessee during the lease agreement.

We also offer such a cooperation model for other agricultural land properties published on the website, except for properties 10.6ha, 10.07ha and 17.74ha in Ķurmrags and land plots for construction of 7.2ha in Inciems.

For offers and inquiries, please call +371 26642420.


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